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Mon Jun 13 11:19:01 CDT 2005

Karl Hegbloom wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 08:39 -0400, Ti_Uhl wrote:
>>My program is nearly finished but i was wondering, if it's a big
>>security risk if the user isn't prompted for changing his user profile
>>in the /etc/passwd file. 
>>Currently the standard ubuntu config /etc/login.defs is set up to ask a
>>password if chfn is called. Since my application uses this command to
>>change the user info it will not work if this is set. 
>>A little bit off topic : python wich is shipped by ubuntu is missing
>>the spwd module to access the user password db.
>I think you should probably use the 'python-pam' interface to libpam0
>anyhow.  That stands a chance of making it work no matter what PAM
>password storage backend is configured, whether it be the passwd/shadow
>files, NIS, or an LDAP directory.
The problem is that the pam module is still in it's early stages and i 
can't find any information on the modules
except for one small page where u can download it. When i tried to test 
the example provided with the package it only gave
me conversation errrors :s.

I've also been looking into pexpect but that doens't seem to be a fail 
save method either.

I've been talking to the developer of the about-me capplet wich is 
supposed to be shipped with gnome 2.12  and maybe that would be a good 
I've suggested them to add a few functions in there capplet and they 
seemed to be enthousiastic. So I'll definitly will contribute my code to 
that application.

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