Release Goals Breezy : GraphicalConfigTools

Ti_Uhl dlist at
Fri Jun 10 07:39:48 CDT 2005

My program is nearly finished but i was wondering, if it's a big
security risk if the user isn't prompted for changing his user profile
in the /etc/passwd file. 

Currently the standard ubuntu config /etc/login.defs is set up to ask a
password if chfn is called. Since my application uses this command to
change the user info it will not work if this is set. 

A little bit off topic : python wich is shipped by ubuntu is missing
the spwd module to access the user password db. Maybe someone should
look in to this, as spwd is a standard module shipped with python. (
wrong build ?). I did a little research on this and there seems to be a
bug in the file for building the modules. ( wrong include file



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