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Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Sat Jun 4 22:59:28 CDT 2005


On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 11:05:38AM +0100, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Here's a draft laptop testing spec. It's expected that most laptops will
> currently fail most of the points on here, but things ought to start
> changing pretty quickly at this point. Comments? Suggestions for extra
> items?
> Did the installer complete without errors?
> Does X start correctly?
>   After installation is complete, a graphical login window should appear
> Is X running at the correct resolution?
>   The X desktop should be sharp and clear. System/Preferences/Screen 
>   Resolution should default to the resolution of the screen
> Does glxinfo return the line "direct rendering: Yes"?
>   Start a terminal and type the following:
>   glxinfo | grep rendering
>   This will print either "direct rendering: Yes" or "direct rendering:
> No"
> Does the wired ethernet work?
>   Can you browse the internet when plugged into the wired ethernet port?

Obviously some configuration steps would be in order.

> Does the wireless ethernet work?
>   Can you browse the internet when near a wireless access point?

Ditto above.

Whether iwlist <interface> scan works on that chipset would also be

> Does the trackpad work?
>   Does it move the mouse pointer?
>   Does the right hand side emulate a mouse scroll wheel?

Does it tap when you hit the mousepad

> Does the trackpoint work?
>   Does it move the mouse pointer?
> Does the modem work?
>   Right click on the panel and select add to panel. Choose "Modem 
>   monitor" and click OK. Right click and select properties. Enter the 
>   password. Click add, and choose modem (PPP). Enter a phone number on 
>   the next screen. Enter username and password. Apply the changes and 
>   then select Activate from the phone applet menu. Does the machine dial
>   out correctly?

Is breezy going to support using sl-modem-daemon?

> Does pressing the volume hotkeys raise, lower and mute volume?
>   This may or may not result in a dialog appearing on screen showing the
>   current volume

These keys may have to be setup in keyboard shortcuts first (If so,
perhaps they should be reported as some defaults, although i see
conflicts appearing, maybe some SMI information can be used to determine
models of laptops and what hotkeys to use?)

> Do the brightness keys alter the screen brightness?
>   Brightness up should raise the screen brightness, and down should 
>   lower it. On machines with light sensors, the hotkey should enable 
>   and disable this.
> Does the video display hotkey switch the external display on and off?
>   Without rebooting the machine, connect a monitor to the external 
>   display. Press the display key. Does a picture appear on the monitor? 
>   Is it correct?
> Does the wireless button enable and disable wireless?
>   When enabled, the wireless monitor applet in the top right of the 
>   screen should show a signal. When disabled, it should not.

When near an access point.

As a point we should probably introduce some support for detecting when
the kill switch is active, for example the ipw2200 reports this.

> Do application buttons (mail, help, web) launch appropriate
> applications?
>   Pressing application buttons should launch an application, or bring it
>   to the front if it is already running.

Same as volume.

> Is the machine discoverable from a mobile phone with bluetooth?
>   On the phone, select "Discover devices". See if the computer is 
>   listed.
> If an infra red phone is placed in front of the infra red port, does
> its 
> address appear in /proc/net/irda/discovery ?
>   Ensure that infra-red is switched on on the phone. Place it in front 
>   of the infra-red port. From a terminal, type
>   cat /proc/net/irda/discovery
>   and see if it contains a line referring to the phone
> Does attaching a docking station result in all of the hardware
> appearing 
> correctly under Linux?
>   Do USB ports on the docking station work?
>   Does the video out on the docking station work?
>   Do any removable media devices in the docking station work?
>   If the docking station contains a battery, does it show up correctly?
> Does removing the docking station result in correct behaviour?
>   If the docking station is removed, does Linux carry on running?
>   If the docking station is reattached, does the docking station still 
>   work?
> Does pressing the sleep button cause the machine to sleep?
>   After a few seconds, the machine's screen should go blank and the 
>   sleep light come on

This is off by default in acpi-support, is that going to change ?

> Does the machine then wake up correctly?
>   After a few seconds, the machine should wake up. Moving the mouse 
>   should result in a screen unlock box appearing.
>   Does the keyboard still work after resume?
>   Does the network still work after resume?

- Can you goto sleep again 

> Does pressing the hibernate button cause the machine to hibernate?
>   (Not all machines have hibernate buttons)
>   The screen should go blank. Some time later, the machine should
> switch 
>   off.
> Does the machine then wake up correctly?
>   Pressing the power button should result in the machine waking up.
>   After a while, moving the mouse should result in a screen unlock box 
>   appearing.
>   Does the keyboard still work after resume?
>   Does the network still work after resume?

Can you still suspend again

> Does performing these actions from the logout menu behave identically?

I think reports should also include an lspci and perhaps some other info
(maybe a hardware database ID?) so we can see what hardware doesn't
work, etc.


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