SSH and opensc

Ilkka Tuohela hile at
Sun Jul 24 07:21:06 CDT 2005

I was going to enter a wishlist bug against SSH to get smartcard support
to the default packages, but then I noticed that opensc is in universe
and SSH can't depend on something in universe.

Any hope getting opensc + libraries to main so that we could compile SSH
with support for keys on smartcards? Similarly I would like to see PAM
support for smartcards in main, now the libpam-opensc is as well in

So, what is the reason for these packages being in universe? Too new or
unreliable (current version is 0.9.6) or license issues? 

Of course I can just use the packages from universe, but compiling my
own version of SSH every time a new package is released, just adding 
--with-opensc to rules is a bit PITA ;) So, for SSH support we should
have opensc libraries in main, or alternatively, modify SSH package
build so that opensc supported packages can be built to universe during
as alternative package: I think moving libopensc* to main is preferred.


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