Breezy usability testing?

Chip Piller piller at
Fri Jul 22 13:33:56 CDT 2005

Zach <uid000 <at>> writes:
> The great thing about Ubuntu's 6 month cycle, is that although it
> doesn't allow enough time to fix everything from one release to the
> next, it's a very tight iterative loop.  Each release is measurably
> better than the previous. 

And how exactly are these improvements measured?  What are the standards?

I was not in any way suggesting that the release cycle be changed, only asking
about usability testing.  Based upon the responses it would appear that there is
no usability testing program.

> On 7/20/05, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt <at>> wrote:
> > > Check out 'My first 48 hours enduring Ubuntu 5.04'
> > > (
> > 
> > That was what's called a "heuristic evaluation", not a usability test.
> > 

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