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Thu Jul 21 16:07:48 CDT 2005

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Marco Cabizza wrote:
> this is not a solution indeed, "browser mode" is no longer to be used,
> in my opinion.

Spatial mode is useful for some people, and since the people most likely
to need it are least likely to know how to change Nautilus settings,
it's appropriate as a default. But browsing mode is useful for some
people (especially geeks, who can more easily model directory
hierarchies in their heads). Search is also useful for some people. A
timeline mode is useful for some people. And for some people, the most
appropriate mode depends on the particular folder they're looking at.

Nautilus doesn't have usefully fast search, nor does it have a timeline.
Ubuntu compounds these problems by effectively taking away the spatial
mode as well, replacing it with a Jumpy Browser mode.

> spatial browsing is faster and cleaner,

Neither of those are true: opening new windows is not faster than
reusing the same window, and multiple windows aren't "cleaner" than a
single window (though each of those multiple windows are simpler, this
difference is less prominent than the number of windows itself). It's
great that you like spatial mode -- I do too -- but you shouldn't
attribute qualities to it that it doesn't have. Doing that discredits
its honest advocates by association.

> there's nothing you either can't do OR forces you to using browser
> mode, and with the new nautilus 2.11 tree mode things get even better.

Yes, hopefully the improvements to both spatial and browser modes will
be enough for Ubuntu to start shipping an unencumbered Nautilus.

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