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Mon Jul 18 20:32:01 CDT 2005

Armin Ronacher Wrote: 
> Sascha Morr schrieb:


> Any gecko browsers aren't faster than firefox. There is only little

> better performance on these alternative Browsers, but not much.

> But the new Deerpark version of Firefox is much faster than in any
> older

> versions.

> [color=blue]

> > cheers

> > Sascha

> > 



> Can anyone confirm that Kazehakase and Skipstone are indeed no faster
> than Firefox?  I find this hard to believe.  Firefox is **dreadfully**
> slow and unresponsive on my 300MHz / 128MB computer, and my standards
> for good performance are much lower than those of most people.  It
> takes almost 60 seconds to load the first time, and menus take seconds
> to appear.  It frequently hangs for 10 seconds or more.  It becomes
> virtually unusable when sites use complex DHTML, such as scrolling
> text.  When minimized for several minutes, Linux seems to re-allocate
> the memory it was using, so that maximizing it again takes 20 seconds
> or so.  I think finding a usable web browser will be the single biggest
> problem for Ubuntu Lite. 


> I've also been looking at EDE for a desktop- looks very promising in
> terms of refinement and ease of use and speed.  Enlightenment e17 might
> actually be an idea too if the snazzy effects are turned off.  IceWM to
> me feels old and confusing, and XFCE4 is a memory pig.  


> Possibly more important that the desktop is the underlying system
> config.  One major advantage of Ubuntu is its HAL/DBUS
> preconfiguration.  If combined with Ivman, the wonderful media
> automounting will work independantly of desktop environment, even with
> ROX or the command line.  This is great for old computers that have USB
> ports but are running something like Windows NT with no USB support.  


> It might also be worthwhile to include good multimedia programs- Linux
> can enable older hardware to play videos and music quite well.


> I am eagerly looking forward to this project - it is sorely needed in
> the Linux world.  Not everyone lives in a developed country where RAM
> modules can be obtained for free.  And not everyone in the developed
> countries wants to take the time to upgrade hardware or spend money on
> it when not really necessary.  Thanks for working on this!


> P.S.  Is there a mirror for ubuntulite.org until the bandwidth
> situation is fixed?  Looks like I'm not the only one interested in
> Ubuntulite!


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