Problem starting Gnome apps after resume

sgenchev dlist at
Mon Jul 18 14:40:08 CDT 2005

To me it was the sound daemon that did just that. "killall esd" should
do it - unless you've changed esd to polypaudio or whatnot. If you
click on a menu, gnome will try to play a sound and it hangs. Running
from open terminal does not make sound so you are fine.

Seems to be sound hardware specific. Out of my 3 laptops one does it
with esd but works fine with polypaudio. Another one does not work with
either. Third one works fine with esd - did not try polypaudio.

>From what I have seen with many distros, not just Ubuntu,
suspend/resume is still in it's early infancy on Linux. You have to
have just the right hardware and have the stars alligned just so for it
to work perfectly.


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