AudioCD burning, another call for testers !

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sun Jul 17 05:55:33 CDT 2005

Le samedi 16 juillet 2005 à 18:54 +0200, Wouter Stomp a écrit :

> I see that audiocdburning is considered completed for breezy. From
> earlier posts on the mailing lists I understood that serpentine was
> chosen over gnomebaker with as main reason its dependencies already
> being in main.

It has been choosen because it uses GNOME component, has a simple UI and
does the job. I'm not going to reply to every point, you want to use
gnomebacker it's available from universe and easy to install that's
fine. The audio CD software has been discuted months ago, we are not
going to change it now for a another new version of a software switching
from a technologie to an another and likely to be bugged.

When you put an empty CD in your drive you get a dialog with these
"Burn Audio CD/DVD" "Burn Photo CD/DVD" "Burn Data CD/DVD".

Each choice opens a simple software allowing to do the job, that's
probably fine for a standard use. As said before it's easy for you to
install gnomebacker from universe to get a poweruser featured software.


Sebastien Bacher

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