Installing smeg as the default menu editor?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sat Jul 16 10:55:39 CDT 2005

> where do you have the capplet for menu/toolbar on your desktop ??
> i mean the little capllet i have to use anyway to adjust all other stuff
> for menu and toolbar, also called gnome-ui-properties in your
> terminal ;)
> ciao
> 	oli

Ach soooooooo.... I see !!

Phew, that's a much better idea yes !! :o)
And that would put it in System->Preferences, which as I said is I think
more appropriate than "System Tools" where it currently sits.

I vote for Oliver's idea :-)

Sorry for misunderstanding you Herr Oliver, I should have guessed that
you couldn't possibly mean a panel icon, Entshuldigen Sie mir bitte....

Vince, feeling embarrassed...

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