problems with resolution settings

Ernst Persson ernstp at
Thu Jul 14 07:32:22 CDT 2005

To enable root login you have to do
"sudo passwd"
But there's really no reason to do that,
and you can use sudo -s or sudo gnome-terminal if
you want a root session.

Xorg is pretty good at autosensing modlines, you 
could try to just remove the HSync and VSync values from
Post you xorg.conf file if you want more help.


2005/7/14, saum <smacknomac at>:
> hello every body
> i have a small problem here.
> can anyone tell me how to log into the UBUNTU 5.04 as root, i am
> unable to log in as root.
> I also have a problem with my screen resolution, it is fixed at
> 640x480 and with a 17" i am having a hell of a time trying to do much
> meaningfull work around esp since my XP and shrike has 1200x1024.
> please help
> saum
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