Are radical changes needed for Desktop Linux?

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Sun Jul 10 06:03:21 CDT 2005

On 7/10/05, Maximilian Gerlach <m at> wrote:
> If thats your only problem:
> See, its like that:
> Whenever you boot your network devices are brought up. (It's silly when
> they don't, isn't it ;).)
> Now I'm sure you have DHCP running; DHCP is the "dynamic host
> configuration protocol". That means that the IP, the network, the
> gateway and the DNS servers (!) are all not managed locally on your
> machine, but from a central device inside your net (== your router)
> As you see now you have 2 possibilities:
> 1) configure your router to send a valid DNS Server address. This point
> should be, dependent on your router, somewhere under network -> dns or
> so.
> 2) remember your settings (ip,network,gateway) and switch to a static
> ip. So your resolv.conf wouldn't be overwritten every time because
> there's no DHCP request from your machine...
> I hope that helps and you'll stay with us ;)

thanks :) yes it helps clear basics, so i borrowed some of it for my
webpage (is that ok?)

> And btw: Under Windows you would have to perform one of these tasks
> too ;D

well the company (DLink) very generously provided the windows software
on a CD,  which i assume is the device driver support or maybe they
hardwired it.....i dont know.. but its a usb port plug and play modem
on windows but i had to order the router as have not installed
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