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Tue Jul 5 10:51:56 CDT 2005

Hey there. I'll take the liberty to quote a recent mail on this list.
Joining the MOTU is the proper way to get your package into ubuntu

Hey everybody,

this is the fifth issue of the MOTU report - bringing you the latest
news from MOTU land.

We are proud to announce you two new MOTUs [1]:

     * GerardoDiGiacomo (astharot), our first Italian MOTU will take
       care of the Universe security team: if you're into security
       stuff and want to help out, Gerardo can surely help you get into
     * AnkurKotwal (Unfrgiven), our first Australian MOTU. He got
       excited about the MOTU world at UDU, and some weeks later, here
       he is: a new MOTU himself.

If you'd like to help out maintaining-wise, don't hesitate, hop into
#ubuntu-motu on and help forging a new, rocking,
exciting Universe. There's always a space where you can fill in your
ideas and plans.


The C++ transition [2] is nearly over, thanks to a lot of helpers: you
guys rock! (StephanHermann (\sh) rocked the buildds quite heavily. :-))


Two exciting things happened at the same time:

     * We have REVU [3] - a next-generation package review tool, which
       will enable us to better keep track of reviews and the current
       state of packages. ReinhardTartler (siretart) and friends made
       this happen. Thank you very much for this. Please help us all to
       move leftovers from MOTUNewPackages over to it and if you're a
     * we had our first review day! We got together and reviewed quite
       a lot of packages, but we're not nearly there yet. If you put
       your package up there, be sure to try to fix the missing bits
       and nag some MOTUs to review it and get it in ASAP.


There's still a lot of things to do and we invite you to be part of it,

     * C++ transition
     * MOM merges
     * reviews
     * getting stuff from UniverseCandidates in
     * <your idea here>

are just a few of our obvious goals. Become an Ubuntu maintainer and
change the world, today! :-)

Start here:

On 7/5/05, Andreas Mussgiller <muszilla at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> after years with SuSE linux I have resently converted to ubuntu and
> want to contribute. I have created my first packages but have a few
> questions:
> 1) At the moment I run hoary. Should I update to breezy before uploading
>    my packages for revision?
> 2) I once found a page which described the package naming conventions
>    but can not find it any more. Could somebody please point me in the
>    right direction?
> 3) The package I am working on is version 2.x of libnjb
>    ( Due to major changes in the api
>    versions <2.2 are incompatible with versions >=2.2. What would be a
>    correct package name for versions <2.2 and version >=2.2? At the
>    moment I use "libnjb2" for version 2.0 through <2.2 and "libnjb2.2"
>    for versions >=2.2.
> More questions to come...
> Thanks
> Andreas
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