Nautilus sound preview... what's the plan ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon Jul 4 22:31:31 CDT 2005

> You don't need to subscribe to the list to post to it (though your post will
> wait for moderation).

Ah, interesting, I may give it a go then...

> If you're interested in fixing it, your best bet is to work with upstream.

Interested in "seeing it fixed", yes,  but in "fixing it", no way, I am
a modest user, not a programmer... :-/

There are many more more important bugs on my Ubuntu machine to be
worried about, sound preview is not exactly the most annoying of them...
I am in no hurry about it, I was only curious to hear what the status
was, since it appears to be regressing, not improving, which had me a
bit wondering...
Okay, it's 5h30 here in Frog land, I still have a bunch of bugs to
file ;o) let's leave sound preview alone for now ;o)



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