Colony 2

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at
Sat Jul 2 18:10:18 CDT 2005

First of all, I would just like to congratulate the Ubuntu team on this
milestone.  Good work.
I've installed the Colony 2 on a spare partition.  Everything went
relatively smoothly, but I have a couple suggestions that could make the
install process more efficient.  Here are my thoughts on the
installation process:
	* The keyboard layout selection dialog was a very nice addition.
	* Initially, the network auto-configuration failed.  I had to retry
detecting network settings with a hostname for the detection to work.
	* The partitioning went well, but I have two suggestions.
	The first: I had a hard drive which was 90% free, and 10% was swap.
When I asked the partitioner to prepare the free space, the partitioner
created an additional swap space.  The partitioner should check for swap
space already available, and use that before creating a new swap space.
A single swap partition can be used by multiple operating systems.
	The second:  Why was ext3 chosen by default over reiserFS?
	* The base install should prompt me and ask if I would like to install
a different kernel.  If I am using a Pentium 4, the installer should
give me the option of installing the 686 kernel.  The first thing I do
on a Ubuntu installation is reinstall a more optimized kernel.  It would
be a good idea for this to be covered in the install process.
	* The installer detected all of my operating systems successfully
(Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 5.2), great job.  But, when the GRUB menu
appears on start-up, there are no Ubuntu version numbers.  The kernel
version is specified, but the Ubuntu version is not.  This can be
confusing when multiple Ubuntu are installed.  Sure, this case will not
affect many, but why not include the 5.10 version number?  Also, is
there any way to detect a nice VGA setting to be passed by default to
the kernel?  I'm not really sure when to use which vga values, I just
know that vga=791 displays smaller fonts, whereas the default fonts were
	What are your thoughts on these points?  While many of these points may
seem trivial and overcritical, I'm just trying to help improve Ubuntu to
be as efficient as it can be.
	The Ubuntu system itself seems moderately stable.  Of course there are
bugs, I'll get to work on filing them and help fixing them very soon.
That's going to be fun :-P
	But again, overall, great work.  I'll be looking forward to helping out
as much as I can.

God Bless,

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