Colony CD 2

Fabio Fabbri fabio at
Fri Jul 1 13:23:42 CDT 2005

> This time round the Colony release does include a Live CD, although I'm
> afraid that I haven't been able to test it at all due to personal time
> constraints. Good luck! :-)

I just tried it and doesn't works!

At the startup I didn't saw many differences from the last stable live 
version, and it takes too much time to start. It seems based on the 
Debian installer, isn't it?

After 5 minutes, it asked me what's my video card (it can't find it!?!) 
and after that it was unable to load X and the system was locked. I had 
to reboot with "ALTGR+RSYST+{r,s,e,i,u,b}".

It seems the startup is very slow and is not comparable with other live 
distributions. I'm developing a live distro based on Knoppix called LLGP 
(see or if it 
doesn't works).

This summer I'm going to improve the boot process on my distro, but I 
could help you on Ubuntu too. I hope to improve hotplug, and parallelize 
the running of boot services.

I already submitted a project about this for the Google Summer Of Code 
and I was refused, but I hope in a second chance!

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