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Mike Douglas dlist at
Sat Jan 29 20:35:42 CST 2005

Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> Any plans to use autopackage ( which would solve most,
> if not all, Linux install problems (distro-neutral packages, automatic
> dependancy resolution with no central dependancy database, iirc,
> bootiful GUI for both GTK and QT, etc etc).
> I don't want to argue on apt-get. It's a nice solution... for now.
> I'll just cover some brief points why apt-get ain't no good for 'big
> marketshare use':
> 1) There will be too much software for a central repo to handle and
> test it. You'd need a petabyte just to store games from the last few
> years, on Windows at least.
> 2) Software makers could have their own repos, but that has more
> problems - the fact you have loads of conflicting repos in your
> sources.list and you are distro-specific.
> So basically, for commercial (or even 'easy' non-commercial) software
> installation, apt-get is a 'sorta-works-but-will-break-in-the-future'
> solution. If you say that 'we' don't need commercial software, you are
> kidding yourself. Games for example could never be IMO non-commerical,
> unless we all paid a $35/mo subscription fee to play them but the
> original game is free. Or something. Just think that in a game it's
> probably 10% useful-to-other-projects code and 90% artwork, modelling,
> sounds which is going to be almost always 'game specific'
> Anyway, any chance we could have autopackage soon? They are API stable
> now and they have some great packages for very hard to install stuff.
> Regards,
> Martin.
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1. Ubuntu shouldn't be building it's package management to satisfy
proprietary ISVs.
2. Proprietary games can be installed using DEBs (the base for APT)

Mike Douglas

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