The Way Of Rosetta

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at
Sun Jan 23 23:41:33 CST 2005

Dnia 23-01-2005, nie o godzinie 11:34 -0800, Matt Zimmerman napisał(a):
> Updated translations from rosetta will be added directly to Hoary language
> packs on a periodic basis, regardless of whether they have reached 100%.
> The period has not been finalized yet, but it should be on the order of
> days.

 Ok. Thanks for your detailed ansfer. Now Polish LoCo will have some
background. BTW: who would like to resynh Gnome translation? If we have
some parts ready, it would ba a waste of time to retype'em in Rosetta.

 Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski,
 Monkey see, monkey do. Rather be dead than cool.

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