First set of language packs out for testing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Jan 18 07:34:30 CST 2005

Hi Shlomi!

Shlomi Loubaton [2005-01-18 13:35 +0200]:
> i think it would be great if one of the packages built for each
> language could add the keyboard layout for that language to the X
> keyboard configuration so that if this packages were installed by d-i
> , it would save some trouble for the user.

Doesn't d-i already pass the language and keyboard information
correctly to the X configuration for you?

> also , i reviewed the language-support-he  - i think you should add
> these packages to the Depends:
> mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il, 

I already added all mozilla-*-locale-* packages I could find. However,
this package does not exist.

> hspell (hebrew speller) ,

I will add this, thanks.

> culmus (free hebrew fonts),

This package is currently in universe, so the language pack cannot
depend on it.

However, if there is a consensus to add it to main, I'd be happy to
add it to the language-support package.


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