Experimental Hoary live CD available for testing

Danilo dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Tue Jan 11 05:42:40 CST 2005

Matt Zimmerman Wrote: 
> We can do better :-)  We already have infrastructure (used in standard
> installs) to create a more optimal configuration, and we should use it
> on
> the live CD as well.  It just needs a few tweaks.
Ah well, that's great, except... My suggestion was based on the
experience I had with Ubuntu Warty standard install (and any other
system prior to that, since XFree86 4.0 got out): I had to manually set
my HorizSync values in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, since I don't enjoy
garbled screens. :) Perhaps I'm just using cheap hardware, but if I
knew much about Display Data Channel (DDC) and how X handles it, I'd be
happy to send whatever data my screen provides to any central database
there is.

I hope to try Hoary Live-CD one of these days, so I may report back on

> Sivan Green and Brian Sutherland have expressed interest in writing a
> how-to
> document.
Ah, great. I'll subscribe to ubuntu-devel so I don't get lost in web
forums first, though. Then, I hope not to forget about pestering them.

Thanks for your responses, Matt and Anders!


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