Experimental Hoary live CD available for testing

Danilo dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Mon Jan 10 06:50:25 CST 2005

Matt Zimmerman Wrote: 
> - There is as yet no means to automatically generate a working X
> configuration.  Daniel Stone is working on this.  Currently, gdm
> startup
> is suppressed and the boot process ends with a text console login.
> If you'd like to try out a desktop session, run:
I believe most of the live CDs use framebuffer (Xfb) for X
configuration over kernel VBE2 framebuffer, so it's pretty static, and
easy to set up, while working for most of the graphics cards since 1997
or so. Of course, no acceleration, but it's a Live CD anyway :)

XFree86 binary had "-configure" option which allowed automatically
generating a proper XF86Config file, but I always had to tune HorizSync
for my monitor. I don't know about X.Org, but I suspect it does the

No doubt Daniel Stone knows a lot more about this, so I'm probably just
redudant :)

Btw, is there any chance on getting tips on your build environment
(i.e. sources) for Hoary Live CD? I'd like to create another one with
Serbian localisations instead (OOo, Firefox, better fonts,
blahblah...), and don't feel like recreating it all from scratch.


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