The "It's Just a Desktop Distro" Problem

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Fri Jan 7 10:56:46 CST 2005

<quote who="jorge o. castro" date="2005-01-05 04:50:40 -0500">
> This was made more evident to me when I asked some friends at the bar 
> "Hey ... would you guys use Ubuntu as a server?"

Point me to the bars full of ubuntu users! That sounds great.

Much of the other things that you put in here have been addressed by
Matt and others.

> Given Ubuntu's strong use of Python, surely getting projects
> like Plone, Zope, Moin, and others to promote Ubuntu as a premier
> Python platform would be a good idea.

I think a few of these are on their way in the near future. Again, we
need to get a little more of a track record before all these sorts of
folks start recommending us.

I have met a few people around that are using Ubuntu for large groups
of servers. I think maybe we should encourage press, articles, etc
about using Ubuntu in non-Desktop ways and give those high visibility
in traffic and on the website and such.

/me starts up the propaganda machine


Benjamin Mako Hill
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