The "It's Just a Desktop Distro" Problem

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Fri Jan 7 10:47:35 CST 2005

<quote who="Matt Zimmerman" date="2005-01-05 17:29:34 -0800">
> > >I think that much of this is runoff from the "desktop-oriented 
> > >distribution"
> > >myth:
> > 
> > Erm, we've got to get the story straight on this:
> > "Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system"
> >
> > "Both Ubuntu and UserLinux are aimed at building a community 
> > distribution that is up-to-date and easy to use, and focused on the 
> > desktop."
> >
> Good point.  Mako, are you the person to fix this sort of thing these days?

I'm one person who can/will if you point these out to me.

For people that don't know, most of the pages on the website are
editable. The most important pages (like the front-page which was one
of the issues here) are locked and those changes will have to be made
by someone with permission. You can just ask in #ubuntu-devel and
someone should be able to help.

In terms of the desktop-only meme, people should keep their eyes out
for this text and try to squash it where you can and point it out to
me or others when they can't.


Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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