Array 5 liveCD - report (X11, ide issues; suspend success)

Zack Weinberg zack at
Mon Feb 28 20:08:09 CST 2005

Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at> writes:

>> While I'm complaining about X issues, this annoyance isn't fixed in
>> Ubuntu either: If I am in an X session, and I close the lid, when I
>> reopen it the backlight does not turn back on.  I must press Fn+F8
>> (the magic direct-to-BIOS sequence to switch between the LCD panel and
>> the external VGA connector).  I then get a garbled screen.  Switching
>> to a text console and back corrects the display.  David Dawes gave me
>> to understand this was fixed in the XFree86 4.4 "nv" driver, so I was
>> really hoping it would be fixed in Xorg whosis as well...
> Does this happen if you edit /etc/acpi/ and disable the chvts?

Nope, no change.  I will file a bug as Matt Zimmerman suggests.
Actually this looks like two bugs - the backlight not turning back on
happens even if I was in a text console before the lid was closed.

>>  - Sound does not work, except that mysteriously it starts working
>>    after a suspend/resume cycle.  (AC'97 sound chip, IIRC.)  In Debian
>>    it doesn't work at all.
> Weird. We don't touch the sound hardware in the suspend/resume code, so
> it must be the kernel's suspend support doing something to the chip.
> Sounds like a driver bug - can you file a bug against it?

This problem has mysteriously disappeared now (with a complete
installation, not a livecd).  Sound now works all the time.


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