Hoary Live (intel)

Sorin Paliga sorin_paliga at mac.com
Tue Feb 8 01:32:31 CST 2005


Tested on (1) a quite old pentium ii and (2) on a brand new pentium 4=20
(160 gb/3000 mhz/ tft display):
- unlike warty live, does not correctly detect mouse in case 1, and in=20=

case 2 nothing on screen than vertical strips on the left side; tried=20
several resolutions, none worked. even if i assume one should=20
ultimately work, i gave up.
- in warty, live was ok with detecting anything (both described cases);=20=

installed, mouse was detected only after running dpkg-reconfigure=20
xserver-xfree86, which does not work with live hoary.

Suggestions for hoary installable:
- (optional, but highly recommended) graphical installer; Mandrake, ALT=20=

Linux, Lycoris, Xandros... may offer wonderful examples; current=20
installer in warty is just fine and simple to use, but a graphical=20
installer would be of course more attractive;
- a MUST: the possibility to configure and TEST hardware issues in the=20=

last phase of installation (mandrake and suse style); and also=20
configure network settings (mainly when a proxy is there, and the more=20=

and more frequent situation of mixed networks running windows, mac os=20
and oinux); samba and, ideally, afp too would be fine (I do not=20
remember which linux distro has atalk installed, was fine);
- (a MUST): a simple way to configure Ubuntu as print server or=20
internet router (it is so simple with MDK 9.x-10.x, and may be a good=20
- automatic mount of fat32 and ntfs partitions; and of mac os paritions=20=

in the ppc version; note that hfs and hfs+ formatted disks are=20
correctly read and mounted in ppc version (warty), but not the mac os=20
partitions; also, intel version has a hfs/hfs+ reading utility, which=20
does not work (mac cd's are displayed as 'unreadable').

If hardware detection and other issues referring to settings are=20
solved, then a GREAT distro indeed; almost very good already in warty.

Good luck and wonderful days to come

Sorin Paliga
University of Bucharest / Universitatea din Bucure=BAti
Department of Slavic Languages / Catedra de Limbi Slave

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