dhcp client that supports hostname request? (udhcpc/dhcpcd/pump)

Elliot F elliotf at gratuitous.net
Thu Feb 24 11:52:06 CST 2005

Anand Kumria wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:44:38 -0800, Elliot F wrote:
>>Let me know if this is better for the users list or not, but are there any
>>plans to move to a dhcp client package that supports hostname request in
>>dhcp via gnome config or /etc/network/interfaces?
>>If ubuntu moved to dhcpcd/pump/udhcpc dynamic hostname updates would be
> Well the first two do hostname updates; annoyingly they require
> configuration.

All three accept this configuration via /etc/network/interfaces, which 
is why I listed them.  They all use the same format, which is why I was 
suggesting they be used in place of dhcp3-client

> For pump the -h option is what you want. Do this in
> /etc/network/interfaces:
> iface eth0 inet dhcp
> 	hostname <name>

Exactly.  This line would work for dhcpcd, pump, and udhcpc.  However, 
dhcp3-client does not, and this is the default dhcp client for ubuntu.

>>able to be slipped into ubuntu without having to modify configuration
>>files outside of /etc/network/interfaces, as one has to do with
>>dhcp3-client (/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf).
> For dhcp3 you already know what is required but anyone else, 
> in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf put:
> 	'send host-name "<name>";
> dhcp3 does give the client lots more control though. And fiddly options. 
> For laptops I'd say that you do want that control (I don't always want the
> network I'm attaching to supply garbage DNS servers for example); for
> desktops I tend to use pump because the admin (usually me) sets things up
> correctly.

dhcpcd allows for a fair amount of configuration as well (which is what 
I use.)  If you use the resolvconf package, you can also manipulate what 
name servers you use.

>>Are there any plans for ubuntu/gnome support of hostname submission during
>>dhcp?  Am I missing something obvious?

I think you may have missed the point of my post.  Thank you for the 
information about requesting a hostname, but I was asking if there will 
be a gui means of doing a hostname request during dhcp.

The network configuration applet already modifies (or results in 
modification of) /etc/network/interfaces, and I was suggesting/asking 
that an alternative to dhcp3-client be used, as the other clients work 
with /etc/network/interfaces for hostname request.  I would assume that 
all that would be required is a simple change to the network 
configuration applet, to add the "hostname <yourhostnamehere>" line to 

Perhaps the debian configuration scripts could be changed so that 
dhcp3-client accepts additional configuration via 
/etc/network/interfaces as well?  I will poke into that.

Thank you for this wonderful distribution.

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