libmp3hip0 vs. gstreamer0.8-mad

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Feb 19 04:58:25 CST 2005


minghua (on IRC) made an interesting discovery: while we always
refused to ship gstreamer0.8-mad in main, libmp3hip0 is already in
main, even in the Desktop seed, and  even for Warty. 

Conclusion: <mode name="jdub">WE WILL ALL GO TO JAIL!!!</mode>

Consequently, we should either drop python-hip from the seeds and not
go to jail, or include gstreamer0.8-mad as well (and receive the
collective love from our users because they now can listen to their
mp3 w4r3z).

What do you think?

Martin Pitt             
Ubuntu Developer  
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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