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Jan Morén jan.moren at
Fri Feb 18 18:00:44 CST 2005

lör 2005-02-19 klockan 00:41 +0100 skrev Jorge Bernal:
> El Viernes 18 Febrero 2005 21:37, Thibaut Varene escribió:
> > The weighing mentioned in the table I quoted is a "list of the world's
> > ten most influential languages", as it is said. The list of most
> > spoken languages is available on that page too, it's obtained by
> > adding native and secondary speakers, and I think this is the correct
> > set of figures to use for our purpose.
> >
> What about doing the weighting closer to the target users. I mean gathering 
> data from:
> * Target countries for shipped cd's
> * Origin countries of download statistics
> * Origin of popcon emails
> * ...
> we can estimate what proportion of users belongs to each language.

But since language support is not equal, that would skew those results -
and in turn cause even greater skew. Japanese (and Chinese, and Korean)
support is not very good in Warty; that limits the current user base;
the data would show that support for CJK languages is a low priority
item; the lack of interest in supporting it would limit interest and use
would decline even further; and so on.

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