ubuntu-sparc networkring problems

Thom Holwerda slakje at quicknet.nl
Tue Feb 15 11:14:01 CST 2005


I downloaded the new (built 12th feb) ubuntu-sparc mini.iso today in 
order to install ubuntu-sparc via the net-- however, all of a sudden 
the mini.iso refuses to detect my netw. hardware properly-- very weird, 
since the kernel output during bootup states them as being loaded 
succesfully (Sun Happy Meal ethernet and a rtl-8029). It's the 
installer that fails here....

Also weird: the outdated mini.iso (from 3rd feb if im not mistaken) 
does detect them properly but of course this mini.iso gives problems 
with the kernels not matching.

Any ideas?

Thom Holwerda

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