Bringing newly-installed users into the community (Re: Should XChat default to freenode and #ubuntu?)

Joao Inacio jcinacio at
Sun Feb 13 16:21:10 CST 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 22:39:53 +0100, Wit Wiliński <madman at> wrote:
> Wouldn't it be better to have an offline HTML page installed with
> mozilla
> and set to default homepage. This page would act as an ubuntu-greeter,
> also for users with dial-up internet access, or for users with no
> internet
> at all.
(i'm assuming you meant to reply to the list)

there's already a webpage, accessible through 'About Ubuntu' with some
good information, and (at least with me) setting it as the default
homepage wouldn't last more than a few minutes.

if we want to 'attract' new users to the ubuntu community, chat is a
great way of doing it, because it puts people in touch with each
other, much more than mailing lists.
also, i am sure many users are not familiar with mailing lists, or
don't want that kind of mail traffic.

a channel to hang out, point the newcomers for directions, and
ocasional help is a great place; but i just can't stop imagining a
flood of new users asking for help making it unnusable as a welcome

my only concern is not to guive new users too much expectation on what
they will find there, because that can be a 'shot in the foot'...

João Inácio
jcinacio at

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