Menus in Hoary/Gnome2.9

stoffe dlist at
Sun Feb 13 14:21:58 CST 2005

So what is the final verdict here? 

I tried installing menu and menu-xdg, and then tried to run
update-menus, but nothing seems to be happening. How am I supposed to
use these? 

I haven't tried using that mentioned editor either, because I'm not
sure how that will affect the system.

Reason I very much want an editor not that much because I'm used to
one, the tree that Ubuntu sets up is good enough for me - if
applications used it. I need to be able to edit menus because, well,
only very very few applications seems to use it, and when they do,
sometimes their choices of where to put themselves are a bit dubious.
No games I install (via Synaptic) seems to be added anywhere. On top of
this, at least one application (SCiTE) has put a bogus, non-working
entry in, which I'd very much would like to remove.

If it was time for free wishes, I'd like to be able to add more levels
though, since categories gets cluttered quickly (like the Internet

So, can someone give me any solid advice on what to do? I would like
* remove one bogus entry
* add more entries to menus, especially games
* if possible have submenus to avoid clutter



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