unicode_start on second and following consoles

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at shot.pl
Sun Feb 13 04:53:56 CST 2005


Danilo Šegan:

> That kind of switching.  I don't know about ISO-8859-2, but it
> certainly happens with Cyrillic.  To test, try the following: 
> 1. Add to /etc/locale.gen:
>    sr_YU.UTF-8 at cyrillic UTF-8
> 2. Run locale-gen
> 3. Switch to virtual console 1 (ctrl-alt-f1)
> 4. Run "unicode-start LatArCyrHeb-16"
> 5. Try LC_ALL=sr_YU.UTF-8 at cyrillic date +%c
> 6. You'll see something like (sr_YU locale sucks, I don't use it myself):
> +нед 13 феб 2005 10:14:14 CET
> 7. Switch to X (alt+f7) and back (ctrl-alt-f1)
> 8. Characters will be messed up
> 9a. You'll conclude it doesn't work as I expect :)
> or
> 9b. It will work for you, when I'd really like to hear more about it :)

Well, the following works for me:

1. `sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales` and check sr_YU.UTF-8 at cyrillic
2. `unicode_stop` followed by `unicode_start LatArCyrHeb-16`
3. `LANG=sr_YU.UTF-8 at cyrillic date` (this prints the date in cyrillic)

Since this moment, the console I try the above on preserves its
state, I can switch to X and back. I'm using 800x600 consoles
in 24 bit colour mode (by adding vga=789 to the kernel options
in /boot/grub/menu.lst) and the same resolution/depth in X.

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