Kubuntu packages to be promoted to main

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 11 19:42:55 CST 2005

As many of you already know, development of Kubuntu is taking place within
the same repository as Ubuntu Hoary.  As part of this process, a number of
KDE packages and related packages will be promoted from universe to main,
and begin receiving official support.

Most of them are unfamiliar to me, and I am soliciting feedback on their
suitability for inclusion in main.  Here's what we like to see in main:

- Active upstreams

- Widely used in distributions

- Defensive programming with regard to security issues, where applicable

And here's the list:

   o boost

	kdeedu build-depends on this date/time-handling library

   o edict

	kdeedu depends on this English/Japanese dictionary, by way of the
	kiten binary package

   o ekg

	kdenetwork build-depends on libgadu-dev, an instant messaging
	protocol library

   o gnokii

	kdepim build-depends on libgnokii2-dev, a library for communication
	with Nokia mobile phones

   o gpgme1.0

	kdepim build-depends on libgpgme11-dev, a C API for GnuPG

   o gv

	kdeprint depends on the PostScript viewer gv (we currently have the
	GNOME version, ggv, in main)

   o imlib

	kdegraphics build-depends on this old version of the imlib library.
	I recommend that we do not support it, and would like to know if it
	is possible to migrate kdegraphics to imlib2.

   o io-stringy
   o libfinance-quote-perl
   o libhtml-tableextract-perl
   o libmailtools-perl
   o libnews-nntpclient-perl
   o mime-tools

	Perl modules required by kdeaddons via knewsticker-scripts

   o kanjidic

   	A Japanese Kanji dictionary, also required by kdeedu via kiten

   o libmal

   	kdepim build-depends on this library, which apparently provides
	facilities to allow Palm Pilots to synchronize to the  AvantGo.com

   o libtunepimp

   	kdemultimedia build-depends on libtunepimp2-dev, a music tagging
	library based on MusicBrainz

   o lockdev

   	kdepim build-depends on liblockdev1-dev, a device locking library.
	I don't know how it differs from other solutions.

   o poster

   	kdeprint depends on this tool, which creates large posters out of
	PostScript pages

   o taglib

   	kdemultimedia build-depends on libtag1-dev, another music file
	tagging library

   o thinkpad
   o tpctl

	kdeutils build-depends on thinkpad-base and tpctl.  Seems
	questionable to me.

   o tidy

   	kdewebdev (via quanta) and kdeaddons (via kate-plugins) depend on
	this HTML reformatting tool

 - mdz

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