Bringing newly-installed users into the community (Re: Should XChat default to freenode and #ubuntu?)

Kent Nyberg nyberg.kent at
Thu Feb 10 08:22:28 CST 2005

tor 2005-02-10 klockan 11:48 +1100 skrev Jeff Waugh:

>ubuntu-users (the list) is scary primarily because of the outrageous amount
>of traffic. ;-) But #ubuntu is pretty good.
>- Jeff

And there are national specific channels aswell on irc.
For example I found, a channel for Sweden. We are about 5-8
people there time to time.
If some one was to patch X-chat for better defaults, perhaps some people
could also add national channels for Ubuntu aswell? Even though some
nations might be empty, at least them being mentioned might be enough
for some people to join them later on..?
Being able to talk in a native language is, at least for me, a good
thing because its not always easy to express problems when you dont know
the language that well.

Perhaps it would be good open up national mailinglists as well? I mean,
if its in their destiny to be low-traffic, or even non-traffic, its not
such a big problems since they wont take up any of Ubuntus bandwidth
then ;)

I think that things like this, if they were to be implemented, is a good
thing to mention on the first boot of a fresh install of Ubuntu.  :)

/Kent Nyberg.

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