Some suggestion of hoary snapshot install

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Feb 9 16:49:18 CST 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 06:48:55PM +0100, Xan wrote:

> 1) Can you put the possibility of add more than one non-root user in
> installarion process (options like "create one more user" and "no create
> any user" could be in that menu). It helps very much novice people
> (desktop users) that want to create more than one users in installation
> and they don't want to worry for searching documentation for how create
> users in post-installation.

Most desktop computers have only one user, and so the additional question
would be unnecessary in the common case.  The Users and Groups tool is easy
to discover (even an exhaustive search through the default menus is not a
big job), so I think that the existing functionality is sufficient for this

> 2) Can you put a warning after the first stage of installation ends that when 
> the net download begins it spends more time. A normal user that say yes to 
> use internet connection for downloading packages does not know that it could 
> be during so long. It could be good to warn it. So a warning screen just 
> before start downloading I think it were the ideal.

I agree that a more informative dialog is justified, but the existing one
should be improved, rather than adding another.  The current message is:

_Description: Download software from the Internet?
 Ubuntu provides additional software and timely security updates via the
 Internet. These updates may be tracked each time you upgrade your system.
 If you have a connection to the Internet, this is generally a good idea.

This should include a sentence warning the user that opting to download from
the Internet will require more time, and is not recommended for slower
connection speeds.

> 3) Finally, can you modify the screen of select of X window system driver for 
> more comprensive one.
> Now, the screen of driver selection has "technical names": i810, sis, vmware, 
> vesa, fb, ... These names are a bit strange for desktop users (overall novice 
> users).

If you ever see this screen without explicitly requesting it, this is a bug
which should be reported so that we can fix it.

 - mdz

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