Python IDE (SPE / wxPython 2.5 doesn't work)

Ville Vainio vivainio at
Wed Feb 9 11:23:52 CST 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 22:07 +0530, Sridhar Ratna wrote:
>> and perhaps put some effort behind pydev (the Eclipse plugin). Eclipse
>> is the future anyway :-).
>Ok, I am not trolling here.  But is Java the future?

Dunno (don't want to get into that debate here, but FYI I'm known to be
a rabid Pythonista :-), but Eclipse has a distinct identity outside
Java. It seems to be our best hope for "universal" IDE, with significant
support in the industry in general. Building on Eclipse brings
significant leverage from generally useful (non-Python specific)
features implemented by "someone else". 

Eclipse of course sucks in the sense that all the highly integrated
features need to be implemented in Java, but e.g. GUI builders and other
"external" tools would be implemented in Python. I guess doing Java work
is something people want to be paid for :-).

Also, PSF is sponsoring the development of Jython to reach the level of
CPython now, so I'm sure various Eclipse features could be implemented
in a less hostile language in the near future.

Note that I'm not necessarily thinking in the Hoary time scale here. I'd
just like to see SPE working in Hoary; I tried the Windows version at
work and it seemed quite proficient, with somewhat working code

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