Hoary New Install - HP dv1000

Santiago Erquicia santiago_erquicia at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Feb 9 00:54:46 CST 2005

I just installed Hoary from zero with the last Array CD on my HP Pavilion

It detected perfectly the screen definition of the computer something that
Warty didn't.  The resolution is 1280x768 and the video driver is an Intel

It also detected and make it work perfectly my synaptic touchpad.  A week
ago I installed Warty in this system and I had problems with how clicks
worked.  It used to be using the middle-click instead of the left-click
when I touched the touchpad.  Now it is using the left-click as it was
supposed to do.

The only problem that I am having is that I don't get any sound.  The
soundcard is detected but no application can play any sound.  The sound
card is an AC97 or something like that.  Rhythmbox says "Could not open
resource for writing". The only thing that I did that could make this
happen is that I installed some kde packages to have a nice looking skype.
 Those packages installed the jack sound daemon.  I uninstalled it but
nothing works.

Any idea of what I should do/check?


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