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Taco Witte wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ever since I've seen the 'quiet' option for Linux I've been thinking
> about a similar option for the initscripts. I think it would be nice
> to let the initscripts display errors only, because the other output
> can only confuse a lot of users and isn't necessary anyway.

You know what's also nice?  Look at Gentoo and Mandrake, and how
colorful the start-up is.  Colors actually help make things flow better,
and make it easier to read than the wall of crap that shoots past when
Debian or Ubuntu boots.

Colorified initscripts would be nice.  Perhaps something for someone to
take up if they're very bored.  Colored prompts can also be nice.

> Just for
> the sake of discussion, I've attached a diff for
> /lib/lsb/init-functions (package lsb-base) that I'm using on my
> computer. (The change can be enabled by adding a line REALQUIET=yes to
> /etc/default/rcS; this may not be the cleanest solution.) A problem of
> this diff is that it's not really clear what caused an error if an
> error occurs in a script.

And in the same way as colored inits, this probably violates LSB :)  but
you could always RFC them up to LSB to see if they'll allow it for their
next one too.  *shrug*

> What do you think about this idea? I'm aware of neat graphical splash
> screens, but this might be something that can be done on servers as
> well.


> Kind regards,
> Taco
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