gksudo feature request - Grey out the background

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 3 18:17:08 CST 2005

<quote who="Eric Feliksik">

> Thanks for your reaction, but I'd really like to hear some comments about
> my proposal, i.e. making the background grey and/or dropping the window
> borders. Have you got any ideas about them, Jeff? (No-one is responding,
> and I don't know if it's because people think it's a bad idea, because
> they don't care, or because they're just too busy...).

Probably digestion time. :-) I don't think it's critical to highlight the
window *that* much, but we do need to ensure that the window manager places
it front and centre, and possibly decorates it differently. There is an
'urgent' flag which theme authors can use to highlight windows differently,
rather like the black and yellow 'danger' stripes on some (read: very few)
Mac OS X window decorations.

I think dimming the rest of the workspace would be a bit too jarring for a
relatively common function.

- Jeff

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