Problems in Hoary

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Thu Feb 3 05:38:07 CST 2005

Hi Matt,

Yesterday at 19:26, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> You mean here, right?

Yes, that's what I meant.

> Please report this bug in Bugzilla (use the 'linux' component) so that it
> can be tracked and fixed; if you stay on 2.6.7 you will not be able to
> receive security updates or any other fixes.
> You can find some hints here:
> for how to debug the situation.

Ok, I've reported this as bug #6123[1], but I couldn't get any more
data through tips you mention there. 


>> I also have some problems with new components in Gnome (i.e. Gnome System
>> Tools "network-admin" and new "modem applet" are not working for me, so I
>> simply use "pon" and "poff").  I'll try to track that down as well, and
>> see if it's upstream problem, or Ubuntu problem.
> In either case, please report to Ubuntu bugzilla for tracking.

Will do.


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