Sami Haahtinen ressu at
Thu Feb 3 05:29:42 CST 2005

Mikael Eriksson <miffe-miffe <at>> writes: 
> Any chance of getting gst-ffmpeg in ubuntu?

I'm hoping it would hit the archives someday, until that happens, you can get
gst-ffmpeg packages that i've built.

apt sources lines at:

I had a fun weekend trying to get gst-ffmpeg to build against either marillat
version of ffmpeg or the debian version of ffmpeg. It would appear that marillat
version is utterly broken and for some reason i couldn't get things to work with
the debian one (even though i worked around the bugs in the packaging). It would
be nice to get that beast to build against the debian packages so that when that
package gets updated gst-ffmpeg would get those fixes too.

I know, i'm dreaming again.. 


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