Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at
Wed Feb 2 04:50:10 CST 2005

Hi Owen,
I'm new in this community, so I'm not able to answer your question.
I like scripting (python most) and would like help and be informed about your 
tools development (if it will actually take place).

What (as a user) I can tell is that MDK (a distribution wich I really like) 
has many powerfull opensource tools written in perl (printerdrake, harddrake, 
I never programmed in perl :-( so I never tried to read their sources, but I 
think that if you don't find any ubuntu documentation or other inspiration 
sources, you can have a look at MDK tools.


Alle 05:19, mercoledì 02 febbraio 2005, Owen Stenseth ha scritto:
> Hello my name is Owen Stenseth. I am a 33 year old systems architect who
> has been running linux since the early days of slackware. I have been using
> debian for a number of years and have just recently converted my wife over
> to gnu/linux thanks to ubuntu.
> I am a seasoned web developer and have recently developed my own wiki/blog
> using python as a way to learn the language. I have been programming in
> perl for over 10 years and have experience writing XS extensions and local
> business modules for the language. I am a proponent of XML/XSLT and have
> experience with mysql and postgres. I can also get my hands dirty with C
> and C++ if there is a need (although I prefer scripting).
> I am especially good at tools programming and am interested in furthering
> the ubuntu experience for those people moving from the windows environment.
> We all have limited cycles that we can put back into open source projects
> and I wish to direct my skills and time where I can to this one. Where can
> I find more information about what tasks I can help with.
> Regards,
> Owen Stenseth

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