Installation reports

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Feb 2 00:39:09 CST 2005

I did test installations of amd64 and powerpc from the 20050131 daily build.

The first stage went fine on amd64, but the system failed to boot,
apparently due to grub segfaulting (bug #6082).

powerpc completed the installation, but X failed to start.  Daniel says it's
a known bug and should be fixed in -1ubuntu13.  The only question I was
asked post-reboot was whether apt should be permitted to use the network.
>From Colin's recent comments, I think that one has moved as well now
(today's CD images?), and presumably the informational base-config screens
can disappear as well.  Asking all the questions up front is a great
improvement, and being able to walk away and return to a gdm login screen
would be fantastic.  Thanks to Colin for this work.

I can't trash an i386 system at the moment, but I assume others have tried
that.  How does it look?

 - mdz

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