Input methods

Lorenzo E. Danielsson lorenzo at
Tue Feb 1 15:02:53 CST 2005

Hi all,

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago about input methods in
hoary. I don't think there was any decision taken about the framework to
use. I've just had a bit of time over and given uim and scim short test
drives. I immediately fell in love with uim. It was so simple. And it
works so well. I found the gnome applet really useful as well, even if
it looks rather cryptic. 

I had less luck with scim. But to be fair, after my success with uim, I
wasn't trying all that hard. I have heard/read a lot of good things
about scim.

Has there been any decision taken as to which framework to officially
use? What is the status of it ("it" being "just working input method
framework)? What still needs to be done? Is help needed? And if help is
needed, who do I contact? I'm sure the answers to all these questions
can be found someplace, but my net connection is slow. 


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