When should a package be ubuntu-versioned?

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Sat Dec 31 11:30:34 GMT 2005

At a guess this would be being caused by the shlibs stuff etc? e.g.
build time dependancy making

[Not saying this is where the bug is, this isn't really a bug, I guess
you shouldnt be relying on these packages being *exactly* the same down
to the letter - what do your tools do?]

 - Trent

On Sat, Dec 31, 2005 at 12:30:32AM -0800, Mike Bird wrote:
> There are packages in the repository with exactly the same names
> as Debian packages but with different dependencies.  This is
> creating havoc with some of our tools.
> What I need to know is whether this is an error for which bug
> reports should be filed against the changed Ubuntu packages, or
> whether it is permitted in which case we have to make some
> changes to our tools.
> Example: python-imaging_1.1.5-4_all.deb
> Thanks,
> --Mike Bird
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