Ubuntu Business for Companies

Fabio Marzocca thesaltydog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:42:43 GMT 2005

I am wondering if anyone is working on a specific Ubuntu version for
Companies. Main issues I have found are:

- When you have a number of installed desktops greater than 10-15, it
is a problem to let every user act on his PC with sudo permission. You
will never have consciuosness of installed
applications/revisions/versions in the Company's LAN;

- It is needed a sort of Central Configuration System (CCS), capable
of install and/or configure each PC on the LAN (maybe not the one in
Boss' office...), following the Company's IT policy;

- The CCS should also take care of statistics concerning installed
software/versioning and utilization ratio. It could also host a
central dictionary for OpenOffice applications, and so on.


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