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Sun Dec 18 10:31:06 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 08:15 -0800, George Farris wrote:
> There are many of us who use and love both
> desktops, and it is sad to see these kinds of posts.  
> I would much rather see a place where both GTK+, QT, FLtk etc apps can
> exist peacefully on any given desktop.

Thank you for pointing this out. I think the ones of us who use and love
both desktops always end up getting caught in the middle of all these
flamewars. I personally feel that both are two excellent desktop
environments and I'm grateful to all the brilliant developers on both

Just to steer this thread away from where it started I think it would be
really nice to get good integration between the various desktops. It
would be so cool if Evolution and Kontact could synchronize their
information. I prefer to use Gnome applications when I'm in Gnome and
KDE applications when I'm in KDE. As such, I think it would be nice if
KDE applications were hidden (by default) in Gnome, and the other way

I know much (all?) of this is beyond the scope of Ubuntu, but is there
anything we could do? Maybe we could put up ideas for how to achieve
better integration between the desktops, and see how one could work
towards it, and what things can be achieved by us. Or would all this
just be wasted effort?

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