Flight CD 2

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Thu Dec 15 03:05:53 GMT 2005

> Bug reports should go here for now (although we intend to switch over to
> Launchpad's bug tracking facilities soon):
>   https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/

Okay just installed it, well installed it twice actually... once for
real on my spare hard drive that's devoted to testing Dapper, and once
in Breezy using VMware. I mention this because there problems specific
to each installation somehow.

Problem common to both installations, not sure what's wrong exactly so
please tell me where in bugzilla I should report this :-)

1) As usual I selected English language, but French keyboard layout.
But, as GDM was repeatedly rejecting my password, I eventually realised
that Xorg was somehow configured with a US keyboard. 
That rang a (rusty) bell... I already had this problem.... with Warty !

2) Once logged into Gnome, I rushed in Preferences->Keyboard to load a
French layout, but although it let me do it, it had no effect
whatsoever, and I was still left with the US layout.

Problem specific to the "real" installation:

1) Once the system was all installed and I logged in for the first
time... Gnome refused to start. It hangs halfway in the process,
apparently due to Gnome-panel that doesn't load, and keeps throwing
error dialogs at me. I keep closing them but it's endless, so Gnome just
hangs there forever. The error dialogs are actually void of any content,
no text, no icons, no widget/buttons or anything, no nothing. However
the window border has some text in it, it just reads "Question", and the
program icon in the top left corner, looks like the gnome-panel icon, so
it's fairly safe to assume it's related to the panel I think ?!



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