Problems with networking on Dapper

David Nielsen david at
Sun Dec 11 17:42:41 GMT 2005

søn, 11 12 2005 kl. 18:04 +0100, skrev carlopmart:
> Hi all,
>   Recently I have setting up two boxes with Dapper release, one acts 
> as a server and another as a workstation. On both systems I have the 
> same problems: networking does not setup interfaces at system start 
> up. Is this a dapper bug??.
>   And i have another problem with the server. I have three interfaces 
> on it. How can I assign eth0 to e100 driver, eth1 to sk98lin driver 
> and eth2 to 3c59x driver?? I have tried to accompllish this with 
> /etc/modules without success.

could this be related to:

- David Nielsen

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