[Opinion] [Bug 15324] Random hard freezes with ATAPI drive on an SATA controller

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 17:28:26 GMT 2005

[note:  I'm not a developer]

> - I will have to instal unstable development Dapper version to get it to
> work and kiss welcome to new bugs and goodby to several unavailable
> package I actualy use now.

I have been using Dapper on my personal laptop for 2 months, and it
has been surprisingly stable and free of major bugs (a lot more stable
than Breezy at the same point in the developmental cycle).  While it's
not an ideal situation fo your home familly computer, and who knows
what bug are lurking to show up next week, it is currently an usable
version, especially for an experienced user.

> Do you have an opinion about not fixing bugs for current release?

the official line is: "Each Ubuntu release is supported for 18 months
with security patches, fixes for critical bugs that could cause data
loss, and extra translations."

You have to remember that there are not a lot of Ubuntu developers.
I'm sure they would love to give a bug free environment as much as
possible to all Ubuntu users on each previous version of Ubuntu, but
it's not done because it would cost a lot of man power to fix bugs in
all previous releases and tests them, while the emphasis should be
rightfully so on the next version of the distro.  And every time you
fix one of these bugs, you run the risk of introducing new bugs or new
behaviour which would then affect someone else's stable system.

Daniel Robitaille

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